REMI-CHRIS ONLINE is the official online store for all your IT/computer accessories in Nigeria. We deliver to all states and cities in Nigeria. On Remi-Chris Online, you can purchase your favourite laptops, desktops, deskjet to laserjet printers, UPS, genuine HP printer toner and ink cartridges, routers, projectors, webcams and many others.



Remi-Chris Computers Limited was launched in 2005 as a private limited liability company in the IT equipment distribution sphere, and as a member of Remi-Chris Nigeria Limited. We have grown over the years to be the most trusted IT/computer equipment/accessories distribution hub in Abuja. Remi-Chris Computers partners with world renowned brands in the IT sphere, such as HP and Lenovo. We are also a major wholesaler and retailer of other products such as Dell, Logitech, BlueGate, Mercury, Kaspersky, Norton, Microsoft, Apple, APC and many others.


We are working on expanding Remi-Chris Computers to major cities in Nigeria, both online and offline, starting from Abuja. This is to enable a swifter client access to our products and services. Our vision is to become the number one technology services and distribution company in Nigeria with the best client satisfaction experience.


At Remi-Chris, we pride ourselves on the genuineness of our products, their affordability and satisfactory after-purchase services. We adopt and incorporate several client satisfaction modules in our services. We not only sell, but we also guide our clients through the usage of our products and always there to assist them to ensure maximum enjoyment and satisfaction.


Chidi Nwagbo

Managing Director